Why I need EmailSherlock's email search?

A reverse email search conducted at EmailSherlock.com can help determine the identity of the owner of an unknown address that shows up in your inbox. You can also use this free email search service to learn more about an address you found in your address book or perhaps in connection with an online ad you're considering responding to.

EmailSherlock allows you to search for information regarding the owner of a real email address. More than 1 billion Facebook users, in addition to millions using other social networks such as Flickr, Foursquare and Vimeo, must use a real email address to become registered users on these sites. This means that EmailSherlock can search these databases and check to find any online profile connected to the email address you're searching.

EmailSherlock provides a free email search for you to use at will, checking as many or as few email addresses you please. No hidden fees means that you can easily and quickly determine who is sending you questionable emails. Conducting a reverse email address search can help you avoid getting scammed by bogus email addresses asking for money or personal information, since many of these types of emails are illegitimate and lead to nowhere.

Some of the most popular providers where you are likely to search email addresses are:

Yahoo Email Search

Yahoo mail has long been one of the Internet's most popularly used email services. Many users are attracted to its services because they are free and connected to a major search engine. A Yahoo email search among its user database at one point in time was quite simple via the Yahoo directory. Users searched email addresses based on a user name or conducted a reverse email search using an email address. Results of the Yahoo email search often offered additional information about the owner, such as phone numbers and addresses. However, now users must utilize the services of EmailSherlock.com to conduct a Yahoo email search since this directory is no longer available.

Google (Gmail) Email Search

Google's Gmail service is another popular free email server that has gained popularity quickly based on the fact that it is considered secure and private enough for business and personal use, making a Google email search a popular subject. However, unlike Yahoo, Google does not provide a public directory to conduct a Gmail email search. If you need to conduct a Google email search, you can still use EmailSherlock to discover whether the address belongs to anyone with a profile on a social network.

Microsoft Email Search (MSN, Live, Hotmail)

Much like Yahoo, a Hotmail email search was also formerly conducted via an online directory. The directory for a Hotmail email search was used much like a phone book. Today, however, EmailSherlock.com offers a comprehensive Microsoft email search because it searches for email matches among multiple email providers.

At EmailSherlock.com, your reverse email address search will check for associated email address owners through the most popular social networks as well as Microsoft, Yahoo & Google's mail services. This free and thorough search can help you quickly find the owner of that mysterious email address you're curious about.

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